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DreamBox Predictive Insights

After only twelve lessons in DreamBox Math, see if students are on track to meet grade level expectations by the end of the year, and if not on track, get a personalized weekly target number of lessons to complete in order to get back on track 

DreamBox Predictive Insights

Understand each student’s needs even more quickly and with greater accuracy​

DreamBox assesses conceptual understanding and student thinking so educators have unique insights about what students will know and be able to do by the end of the school year. In addition, teachers can see the recommended number of lessons a student needs to complete each week to achieve proficiency by the end of the year. 

DreamBox Predictive Insights provides:​ 

  • Fast time-to-insight – just 12 lessons 

  • Weekly data insight updates

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How Do the Predictions Work?

We use an empirically validated statistical model to generate predictions. DreamBox continually assesses every strategy students use in lessons, which means predictions are generated using rich, longitudinal data gathered while students are actively engaged in learning. After playing only 12 lessons, DreamBox assesses conceptual understanding and student thinking so educators have unique insights about what students will know and be able to do by the end of the school year. In addition, teachers can see the recommended number of lessons a student needs to complete each week to achieve proficiency by the end of the year.

DreamBox Predictive Insights and the information available provides tangible insights that teachers can use to help their students make proficiency gains earlier in the learning cycle, address gaps, and put all students on the right path for learning and achievement.

Lisa Kotowski

Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum & Instruction for Lodi Unified School District, CA

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Predictive Insights provides a clear and up-to-date report with data that is gathered as students work on their lessons, with no additional class time lost to testing or changes to teacher classroom routines.

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