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DreamBox Predictive Insights

Predictive Insights for K-5 is a new innovative reporting tool that can predict future proficiency for year-end state math assessments throughout the school year.

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DreamBox Predictive Insights and the information available provides tangible insights that teachers can use to help their students make proficiency gains earlier in the learning cycle, address gaps, and put all students on the right path for learning and achievement.

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Lisa Kotowski
Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum & Instruction
Lodi Unified School District, CA

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Predictive Reports

Accurate reports display a breakdown of predicted year-end proficiency based on current activity and student trends.

Data at Every Level

DreamBox Math Lessons Character Lineup
DreamBox Math Lessons Character Lineup

How Good are the Predictions?

  • Highly accurate – comparable to accuracy of all major benchmarks and interim tests, and without actually doing any testing.
  • We use an empirically validated statistical model to generate predictions.
  • DreamBox continually assesses every strategy students use in lessons, which means predictions are generated using rich, longitudinal data gathered while students are actively engaged in learning.
  • Our predictive models were built using a combination of hundreds of thousands of student test results across multiple years and growth & proficiency data in DreamBox to confirm real-world accuracy and applicability.

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Predictive Insights provides a clear and up-to-date report with data that is gathered as students work on their lessons, with no additional class time lost to testing or changes to teacher classroom routines.

DreamBox Math Lessons Character Lineup

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