Parents, you can help your child’s math confidence with 2,000+ DreamBox Learning® Math lessons, designed by teachers, available for grades K-8.

Continuous formative assessment in and between lessons analyzes over 48,000 data points per student per hour to provide the right next lesson at the right time.Read More

For families who use DreamBox at home, you’ll get dashboards with information that highlight important learning milestones. See where your child’s needs and achievements are sooner than waiting for a report card! Get more informed about your child’s skills, as well as create better informed communication between the teacher and your family to help encourage the love of learning both at school and at home.Read More

Our curriculum and instructional designers are National Board Certified teachers who create easy-to-implement ways of supporting state math standards.Read More

Enrichment activities outside the classroom curriculum keep advanced students motivated and engaged using problem-solving skills and strategies in a game-like environment. As students adapt and modify their strategy, elements of the puzzles change—but the fun never does.Read More

Our game-based and visual environment is particularly effective for English Language learners. Fun and rewarding problem solving helps with math confidence, because struggling students can quickly lose their enthusiasm when they are faced with challenges.Read More

Students can use DreamBox by desktop, laptop, or iPad environment, and student progress will be synced across all devices. The new DreamBox iPad app for iPad version 2+ and iPad mini supports one-to-one deployment, BYOD (bring your own device) iPads, and shared iPads.Read More

Students engage in algebraic reasoning about concepts such as equivalence and rates of change (slope) while they become skilled at manipulating expressions and solving equations with variables.Read More

More than 2,000 fun lessons and games, completely individualized to support your child’s math confidence. Try DreamBox Learning Math for free for 14 days or purchase today with our money back guarantee.Read More