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Kids love DreamBox

Every time a child logs into DreamBox, they are immersed in an interactive world of math adventures where learning is fun! This means extra math fun and meaningful screen-time to complement the amazing work happening at your child’s school. Whether remote or in-school, DreamBox is here to support you and your child.

Meaningful screen time

DreamBox was Awarded Best Math Learning Solution in 2019 by EdTech, and has the highest privacy rating by Common Sense Media. Independent research shows just 60 minutes a week can improve math scores by nearly 60%.

Interactive, engaging + student-driven

Every time children log in to DreamBox, they are immersed in an interactive world of math where learning is FUN! They log in to a consistent platform - whether in the classroom or at home - with engaging lessons to keep kids on track.

Track progress

Families who use DreamBox at home get dashboards with information that highlights important learning milestones. You’ll see both additional needs and achievements so you’re in touch with your child’s math progress. Learn more about our dashboards.

How it works

DreamBox adapts to in-the-moment formative assessment tools that determine how students solve problems, providing powerful data to identify gaps. As a result, students get personalized instruction they need to thrive. What’s more, DreamBox Math has one of the highest privacy ratings on Common Sense Media. Log in anytime, anywhere— DreamBox fits your child’s math routine, regardless of remote learning schedules.

Try lessons

DreamBox recommends

5+ Lessons

per week for all grade levels

Studies show students who complete five or more lessons per week experience more learning growth than their peers who complete fewer.

Top Parent Resources

Remote learning tips

There’s a plethora of advice on how to navigate remote learning – it’s information overload. We believe parents are in tune with what their children need, and can set up a successful start to the school year.

We’ve compiled a simplified list of remote learning tips to provide both supportive suggestions and a reminder that you’ve got this. We are in awe of all parents do and honored to partner with you this academic year.

Building math confidence

We believe a positive mindset goes a long way. Students build math confidence as they strengthen their social-emotional skills — skills that include grit, perseverance and goal setting. As many schools engage in distance learning this fall, DreamBox has three simple tips for helping children build confidence in math from home.

Check them out

Getting started with a school account

If your child has a DreamBox Learning account through school, you'll be able to set up parent access to a Family Dashboard that allows you to monitor your child’s progress.

View full written directions.

Note: If your student doesn't know their username and password, please contact their teacher for that information. DreamBox will never share student information.

Trusted & loved by parents & teachers

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I was so excited by what I saw because the kids were really engaged… they have an enthusiasm for math that I hadn’t seen with them before.

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Laura Hunovice, Math Resource Teacher
Carroll County, MD

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We might have to buy another laptop! When my son gets on DreamBox, he doesn’t want to get off. I love how the gaps in his skills have been identified and are being filled in. I can breathe a sigh of relief.

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Amy L.
Co-op Member (Homeschool Parent)

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No matter your students' readiness levels, attitudes or energy, DREAMBOX will meet them right where they are and navigate them to mathematical success.

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DreamBox offers three unique, age-optimized environments. All 2,300+ lessons are compatible with each environment, allowing any student to move forward, or fill in gaps within the same familiar space.

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