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DreamBox Makes Homeschool Math as Simple as 1-2-3

Learning isn’t linear, and neither is personalization. The one-on-one math instruction you’ll find in DreamBox intelligently adapts to each student’s unique learning needs and pace. With multiple grade levels and family plan options, DreamBox is the perfect partner in your homeschool math curriculum.

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DreamBox makes homeschool math as fun as it is effective

Make learning math the best part of the day. DreamBox intelligent adaptive learning integrates instruction and assessment before, during and after each lesson so in-the-moment learning is deeply personalized for every type of student, with the right lesson at the right time. Targeted grade bands and real-time data insights make planning and identifying learning gaps easy, so children learn and play at their own pace all while loving the process of learning math.

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Rigorous and proven learner-driven lessons

Easily monitor progress and pinpoint gaps in understanding through our Family Dashboard that translates student data into easy-to-interpret, actionable insights. You can simplify your planning while simultaneously providing your child engaging math lessons. And you can celebrate with printable student certificates.
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K–8 online math lessons that intelligently adapt to every learner

DreamBox is more than a learning tool, it’s a K–8 math program that intelligently adapts to each child, letting them drive their own learning while giving homeschool teachers in-the-moment data and valuable insights to monitor and ensure success. DreamBox makes it easy to celebrate together with certificates, avatars and emojis. You provide the high fives all around.
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We’ve Thought of Everything

A full toolbox at the ready

From valuable progress insights to easy-to-follow planning, DreamBox has the tools for success.

5+ lessons a week


Five lessons each week is all they need to succeed.

A Harvard University study has shown that just 60-minutes of DreamBox lessons a week can fast-track your students up to two grade levels in a year. To help them reach their weekly lesson goals, we recommend setting up multiple sessions of DreamBox throughout the week and having students complete at least one or two lessons every time they log in. This keeps screen time to a minimum, math learning to a specific timeframe and still speeds expected learning more than 60%. That’s math magic worth celebrating.


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