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Before the TED Radio Hour journalist begins his interview with Phylecia Jones, he recounts a true story about a 911 emergency operator who received a deep-distress call from a young student who was struggling with a set of math problems.

In autumn green leaves turn to dark orange and red, and a soft rainfall may brighten to a rainbow when the sun comes out. It’s remarkable, when you stop to think about it, that we can perceive color at all.

And have we ever got some exciting new DreamBox features for you! As a wave of bright new energy rolls into the brand new school year, students, parents, and education professionals prepare to unleash growth potential in math. Get ready

Welcome back! After a very warm summer, we are happy to have you back in the classroom and working away on your DreamBox lessons! We know that September is always a jam-packed month, but we are here to help you

“My son skipped 6th grade math and started 7th grade math when starting 6th grade. This year he will start 7th grade, and his school will let him go to Algebra 1… This is because of DreamBox!!! Thank you! He