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Making an Impact with Response to Intervention (RTI)

Results at a Glance S. L. Mason Elementary achievement scores grew more than 10 percentage points in just one year DreamBox Learning® Math was adopted by S. L. Mason Elementary in Valdosta, Georgia at the beginning of the 2013–14 school

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Webinar: Closing Math Achievement Gaps for English Language Learners

2:00 – 3:00 pm EST Using effective strategies to personalize the math learning experience is key to reaching all levels of learners, especially Spanish-speaking English Language Learners who vary in their English language abilities, math proficiency, and personal circumstances. Attend

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Maximizing Individualized Instruction

Penngrove Elementary selected DreamBox Learning Math as an adaptive learning program to respond to each student’s learning needs. With students learning on DreamBox for 100 minutes per week, students have increased their math achievement scores, as measured by the STAR Math Enterprise™ assessment, by one grade equivalent in six months—moving from an average grade equivalent score of 1.3 to 2.3.

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