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What Can Formative Assessment in Mathematics Teach You About How Your Students Learn?

Students struggle with math for a variety of reasons and, as every teacher knows, there’s no single solution for helping students to comprehend concepts and achieve success. There is, however, a strategy for quickly and accurately understanding where each ofRead more ›
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5 Strategies to Connect the Dots with Data in the Math Classroom

It’s Time to Dig Your Data! Eight out of 10 educators believe data should make them more effective by helping them to understand—in real time—students’ misconceptions, struggles, and competencies. We agree. Using data to connect the dots between where students

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17% Increase in Math Proficiency

Personalized learning powered by continuous formative assessment Challenge Meeting the math learning needs of every student Carlton Innovation School, sanctioned by Massachusetts through the Innovation Schools program, pushes the boundaries of the existing school model. Carlton, which supports an underserved

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Webinar: Using Data to Support Teaching and Learning in a Blended Learning Math Program

Register Here Blended Learning has the potential to provide teachers with actionable data to inform classroom instruction, provide students with tools to help meet each individual’s needs at his or her own pace, and provide administrators with insight into their

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Exceeding API by 10 points in 1 Year

When Dr. Cynthia White became principal at Cleveland Elementary, it was the lowest performing elementary school in the Santa Barbara district. Read how Cleveland’s Academic Performance Index (API) score, a value-added calculation of testing data and expected outcomes, grew by 15 points in just one year—10 points more than the target provided by the state. It was the school’s largest year-over-year increase since the API system went into effect five years ago.

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Supporting Blended Learning, Personalized Learning and the Common Core

The Christina School District in Delaware, comprised of both urban and suburban schools with a diverse group of learners, is the largest district in the state of Delaware. With a recent Race to the Top award, the district became interested in how technology could be used to improve their math instruction. Read the case study to learn how DreamBox Learning Math helped to significantly increase test scores in just one year—increasing the math proficiency of third to fifth grade students by as much as 43 percent in just eight months.

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