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Teaching Math Through Music

Music is in the air as August brings summer festivals of all genres to many parts of our country. It may be an inspired chamber orchestra in the park that makes your heart sing, or a jazz quartet, perhaps the

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Five Hot Trends in EdTech

A look at some of the hot trends in EdTech.Read more ›
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Fantastic Facts about 11 Founding Fathers of Mathematics

1. Diophantus of Alexandria (Photo Source: Wikipedia) Greatest Discoveries: Diophantus studied at the University of Alexandria in Egypt, where he cultivated an intense appreciation and understanding of numbers. He then wrote a series of thirteen books called Arithmatica. Only sixRead more ›
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What Can Formative Assessment in Mathematics Teach You About How Your Students Learn?

Students struggle with math for a variety of reasons and, as every teacher knows, there’s no single solution for helping students to comprehend concepts and achieve success. There is, however, a strategy for quickly and accurately understanding where each ofRead more ›
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10 Hot Math Facts for Summer Solstice

The Summer Solstice, a celebration of the longest day of the year, is coming up on June 21 for those in the northern hemisphere, and it’s a great opportunity to teach students how math makes the world turn! Here areRead more ›
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Webinar: Rethinking Math Instruction with Blended Rotation Models

2:00 – 3:00 pm EST If your mental image of math class includes students silently copying equations from a whiteboard, it’s time to rethink what math instruction can look like with blended learning. In this webinar, we’ll examine how various

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Webinar: Closing Math Achievement Gaps for English Language Learners

2:00 – 3:00 pm EST Using effective strategies to personalize the math learning experience is key to reaching all levels of learners, especially Spanish-speaking English Language Learners who vary in their English language abilities, math proficiency, and personal circumstances. Attend

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Webinar: Strategies for Planning Summer School for Math Intervention

As the time to plan summer school programs gets underway, our community is providing this webinar as a resource to assist in your development process. Fellow educators will share their insights around what a successful summer school implementation that increases

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DA Webinar: Digital Tools and Personalized Learning, Today and Tomorrow

Digital tools are transforming learning and teaching, and Project Tomorrow’s Speak Up National Research Project surveys provide insights into how these tools are being used, 21st century skills and STEM instruction in classrooms today. Attend this web seminar to hear

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