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Your Math Battles Are Over.

We've made math fun again, with achievable challenges, learning that adapts to your child and real, tangible growth.

School Access

Set up parent access on a DreamBox school account 

Create a connected parent account with step-by-step instructions 

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How families can support their child’s growth on DreamBox

Learn how to encourage your child at home and at school


Track student progress through the Family Dashboard

Get insights about your child's math learning on Dreambox

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What do personalized learning and fun gameplay have in common when it comes to math? They work!
Productive challenge

Build Math Confidence

Serious learning that’s seriously fun

Productive challenges lead to increased confidence, which in turn leads to a newfound love of math.
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How It Works

The math program that drives results

DreamBox adapts to your child’s level and learning needs, ensuring they are appropriately challenged and get confidence-building wins.
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No stress set up

Parent-friendly program

Don't worry – it’s easy to set DreamBox up at home, and you'll find plenty of helpful resources along the way.
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We’ve Thought of Everything

A full toolbox at the ready

From valuable progress insights to easy-to-follow planning, DreamBox has the tools for success.


See your student’s progress

Track your child’s math progress with important learning milestones at your fingertips on the Family Dashboard.


Support when you need it

Get all your questions answered in our Family Support Hub.


Build confidence

Immersive, interactive, learner-driven math lessons kids love.


Proven results

Just one hour each week can drive more than a grade level of math growth.


Customized, learner-driven lessons

We meet your child where they are, no matter their level, in Spanish or English.


FUNctional screen time

Never feel guilty about screen time again with productive lessons students love.

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What can DreamBox solve for you?

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Student success stories

Every time I play DreamBox, I think I get a little smarter.

The assignments get harder and harder, but they get more fun as well.

I really like math. It’s my favorite subject. I excel in it so I’ve gone really deep into DreamBox…plus you’re doing it for yourself so it feels really good, like you’re able to progress at your own level because you’re not forced to be at the same level as everyone else.

It’s more fun to do math on DreamBox.

DreamBox is very cool.

What do kids say?

DreamBox en Español

Encourage fearless learning in both Spanish and English

To engage students exactly where they are, it adjusts in real time, adapting hints, level of difficulty, pace and sequence.




Hispanic Girl
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You've Got This

Remote learning? Yes you can.

DreamBox is ideal for remote learning, adapting to a student's progress in real time so no lesson is wasted.
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Homeschool Happiness

DreamBox for homeschoolers

Thanks to multiple grade levels and family plan options that honor unique learning styles, DreamBox is the perfect homeschool math partner.

Need Help?

We’re here for you

To speak with a member of our customer support team call 1 (877) 451-7845 (Ext 3) We are available from 5AM – 5PM PST, Monday – Friday. Or get support at our online customer support center. 

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