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DreamBox Learning Math for Mississippi

DreamBox is proven to increase math growth for all learners. This K–8 online math program supplements core instruction in the classroom and at home. It dynamically adapts to the learner, providing individualized instruction. DreamBox lessons are available in English and Spanish and aligned to Mississippi state math standards.

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Mississippi Department of Education - Approved Vendor for Evidence-Based Academic Intervention

Personalized Interventions for Each Student Provide every student with an age-appropriate and engaging environment that motivates them to persist, progress, and achieve success. • Deliver intervention tailored to exact need of each student. • Respond to student actions with formative feedback in the moment of learning. • Empower sense-making and conceptual understanding through visual representations of mathematical ideas.

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What Educators Have to Say About DreamBox

Watch Mississippi education leaders discuss how one school used DreamBox to accelerate student learning and become a top performing district.


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About DreamBox Math

DreamBox Math is an evidence-based program that dynamically adapts to the learner, providing individualized instruction. On average, students completing 5+ DreamBox lessons a week are growing 1.5 grade levels per year in mathematics. DreamBox is available in English and Spanish!

What educators have to say about DreamBox

Students across the U.S. grew 1.58 grade levels in math in 1 year.

We use DreamBox to drive our one-on-one instruction and lesson plans so we can focus on kids who have huge gaps in their learning. We are able to see where each student is in their learning and where they need additional support, which makes our intervention a lot more powerful for our students.

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Anna Wiley

Math Intervention Teacher, DeKalb Central School District

We were looking for a digital program that promoted a deeper conceptual understanding of math. DreamBox was the only one we felt represented the thinking we wanted our kids to have: it worked well to identify prerequisite skills and truly individualize learning and process while providing exposure to standards.

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Josh Noland

Instructional Support Specialist

from mind boggling to mind blowing

From mind-boggling to mind-blowing

Math was confusing for Corbin but he wasn’t sure why. Now he’s blown away by how much he knows. DreamBox Math intelligently adapts to give him the right next lesson at the right time. He’s mastered math concepts at his unique pace and built confidence along the way. And that’s a #DreamBoxMathVictory.

Proven Results

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Empower educators with DreamBox PD

DreamBox professional development helps school and district math leaders scale and personalize professional learning opportunities for teachers and instructional coaches. By combining live webinars, DreamBox University and MyFlexPD™, DreamBox delivers learner-centric content focused on educators’ individual needs.

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Predict student proficiency – no testing required

Predictive Insights for K–5 is an innovative new reporting tool that can predict future proficiency for year-end state math assessments throughout the school year. Gain a deeper understanding of where students are at, regardless of remote learning conditions.

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Aligns to Mississippi College-and Career-Readiness Standards (MS CCRS)

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