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The Center for Education Policy Research (CEPR) at Harvard University has completed a study of nearly 3,000 math students using DreamBox in Grades 3-5 in two districts. The study showed meaningful achievement gains. In particular, for every 20 minutes a student spent on DreamBox their MAP score increased by 2.5 points. Because the study indicates a linear relationship between time spent on DreamBox and achievement gains, students who use DreamBox for the recommended 60 minutes per week stand to experience an increase of 7.5 points on the MAP. These findings are similar to the 2010 SRI study of DreamBox in grades K-1, which found that students improved 5.5 percentile points after 21 hours of DreamBox usage.

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Fayette County Doubles Growth
Fayette County, Georgia
The scaled score growth from Fall 2016 to Spring 2017 of students in Grades 1–7 who completed at least five DreamBox lessons per week was 97 percent higher than the STAR growth of student who didn’t use DreamBox. Furthermore, approximately 80 percent of Fayette County’s K–5 math teachers are now fully and consistently on board with small group instruction and DreamBox. Most educators confidently engage in routine, small group models using DreamBox as a key part of their rotation.
Driving Personalized Math Instruction in a Title I Focus School
Springfield, Missouri
In 2016, Westport achieved a 98 percent growth in student standards on DreamBox. In September 2016, 56 percent of students were working on first grade standards, and by October, 10 percent of that group had moved up to second grade standards. “Immediately we started seeing change,” says Dorsey. By the end of the year in May, only 5 percent of the population were still working on kindergarten standards. The school’s proficiency on an external District Standardized Assessment increased by 36 percent, the largest amount in several years. As Dorsey says, “We know that DreamBox is helping us bridge the gap to make significant growth for students.” Dorsey indicates, not only does it bridge the gap, but also assists with grade level expectations and growth.
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Hope Valley Elementary

Warren Community School

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DreamBox Alignment with Performance-Based Learning Model Yields Learning Gains
Three years ago, educators in Mesa County Valley School District 51 (D51) in Grand Junction, Colorado began implementing a performance-based learning (PBL) model district-wide. Rather than ask students to learn at a uniform pace, the D51 model allows individual students to progress from one curriculum concept to the next as soon as they demonstrate proficiency. Because DreamBox Learning® Math aligned so closely to D51’s new instructional model and standards, math content facilitator Megan Bennet recommended piloting the program on a limited basis in Mesa County Valley elementary schools.
Engaging students to drive success and reach their potential
San Antonio, Texas
With the strain of deployment, frequent moves, and (in some cases) a parent wounded in action, FSHISD educators know their students come to class with more on their plates than most civilian kids. DreamBox is helping teachers to address these challenges by fully engaging their learners, and helping them to fill gaps, stay focused, and achieve their full potential.