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The Center for Education Policy Research (CEPR) at Harvard University has completed a study of nearly 3,000 math students using DreamBox in Grades 3-5 in two districts. The study showed meaningful achievement gains. In particular, for every 20 minutes a student spent on DreamBox their MAP score increased by 2.5 points. Because the study indicates a linear relationship between time spent on DreamBox and achievement gains, students who use DreamBox for the recommended 60 minutes per week stand to experience an increase of 7.5 points on the MAP. These findings are similar to the 2010 SRI study of DreamBox in grades K-1, which found that students improved 5.5 percentile points after 21 hours of DreamBox usage.

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See how DreamBox has made an impact on student’s math proficiency and learning

See why students love DreamBox

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DreamBox’s Personalized Approach to Educator Professional Development
Fort Wayne, Indiana
Now in its second year of district-wide implementation, teachers at all six elementary schools in Southwest Allen County Schools are finding success with DreamBox. Students are experiencing overall growth on the NWEA MAP assessment and teachers consider DreamBox Learning to be a key component of that success.
Fayette County Doubles Growth
Fayette County, Georgia
The scaled score growth from Fall 2016 to Spring 2017 of students in Grades 1–7 who completed at least five DreamBox lessons per week was 97 percent higher than the STAR growth of student who didn’t use DreamBox. Furthermore, approximately 80 percent of Fayette County’s K–5 math teachers are now fully and consistently on board with small group instruction and DreamBox. Most educators confidently engage in routine, small group models using DreamBox as a key part of their rotation.
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Hope Valley Elementary

Warren Community School

Customer Spotlights
North Carolina District Boosts Math Scores with DreamBox During Distance Learning
Alleghany County, North Carolina
Learn how rural Alleghany County grew their student’s math scores with DreamBox. Three educators share what drove them to implement a DreamBox pilot, how it was successfully used in their classrooms, and the powerful role DreamBox plays in their remote learning plans. Alleghany County Schools proves that with inspiring teachers and DreamBox Math, even students in remote, rural counties can receive cutting-edge math instruction.
North Dakota Schools Boost Math Scores with DreamBox
Bismarck, N.D.
Bismarck Public Schools (BPS) is a notably high-achieving district, catering to a wide range of students from different socioeconomic backgrounds. The district adopted Dreambox to help it unify the way math instruction is delivered to students of varying needs. After a successful pilot at four schools — two middle schools and two high schools — BPS expanded Dreambox to all grade levels throughout the district. As a result of seeing measurable improvements in student math scores, BPS made the decision to embed Dreambox more deeply into its math curriculum.